Also known as Ear Acupuncture, or Auriculotherapy, it is one of the many Microsystems of Acupuncture that use points on the ear (auricle) to treat various body parts or ailments. The points on the ear are mapped to resemble a “baby in the womb” and every part of the body has its representation there. Auriculotherapy is a broader term describing a way of stimulation of the ear points not only by the Acupuncture Needles (or shall we say Pins since there is no substance being injected into the point) but also by Ear Seeds (as a form of Acupressure) or Magnets (giving electromagnetic stimulation) or Laser Acupuncture (using laser light for stimulation) all of which are very useful for patients who are afraid of needles or otherwise very sensitive to stimulation. Where the Acupuncture Needles can produce an initial pin-prick sensation, but not necessarily, ear seeds, magnets or laser light produce no sensations at all during the treatment. We can also use microcurrent electric stimulation on ear needles or without the needles, directly on the ear points, that produces very mild, tingling sensation.

All in all, Auriculotherapy is a very mild and comfortable way of Acupuncture that is very powerful in results and rewarding even in cases where other therapies failed. It is especially useful in treating various pain and stress related syndromes as well as for treating addictions and as a booster treatment during conventional Body Acupuncture.

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